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Report: Shelby planning for new signature halo car, could see versions of Focus/Fusion too

April 24, 2012

(from Alexandra Koken,

After creating a Ford Mustang that produces a jaw-dropping 1000hp that made its debut at the New York Auto Show a few weeks ago, it seems this would be a tough model to top for Shelby.

Shelby president John Luft says, however, that even though the car broke into four-digit horsepower figures, the Mustang has mods prepared for it through 2020. While we all sit on the edge of our seats to see what could possibly be next. Luft has also added that other vehicles in Ford’s lineup could potentially see some Shelby treatment.

“Our plans include everything from the Mustang to looking at future development of the EcoBoost motor,” he said. “There could be a Focus or Fusion development in our future.”

If that isn’t enough for you, Shelby may also be making a halo sports car, similar to the Series 1. While he says that it would be difficult to turn something like this into a success due to economic factors and industry changes, this idea will not be taken off the table any time soon.

In addition, Luft adds that he would like to see Ford release another GT, because “If I could wind the clock back we would have had a Shelby package for the Ford GT. It would have been natural. I’ve heard rumors – and you’ve probably heard them too – of Ford bringing back the GT. Trust me, we will not be asleep at the wheel this time. So if Ford actually comes to market with a new GT, then we’ll be right there with them. We will not miss that window again.”


Exclusive: Ford’s marketing manager overviews new Fusion, hints at Fusion SHO possibility

April 24, 2012

(from Alexandra Koken,

At this year’s New York Auto Show, egmCarTech had the opportunity to speak with Ford about its all-new Fusion model, and the model’s marketing manager Samantha Hoyt gave us all the details.

From first glance Ford grabs your attention with the fresher, bigger and sportier appearance of the Fusion’s latest generation, a design which Samantha accurately referred to as a “great evolution of the car.” The exterior’s lines from front to back, including the headlamps, were clearly finessed with sport appeal and aerodynamics in mind.

She elaborates, “Our goals were actually to deliver something entirely different to the customer. We wanted to give them something they’re proud to own. We wanted to give them great fuel economy, lots of choice, great design and style, but also the typical Ford dependable reliability all in a stylish package.”

So did Ford nail all this down with the new Fusion? It seems so, but our team of performance junkies wanted to know about something that suits our palette a bit better, like a Fusion possibly powered by the same 3.5-liter turbo EcoBoost V6 in the Ford Taurus SHO.

Does Ford plan to bring in a 350-hp plus variant for the Fusion, a variant with more pep then the sport package?

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Ford to build $760 million plant in China

April 19, 2012

(from Bradford Wernle,

Factory will boost capacity to 1.2M vehicles a year

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co., in a bid to catch up with General Motors and Volkswagen AG in the world’s largest auto market, said it will build a $760 million assembly plant in Hangzhou, China.

The project will help Ford double its manufacturing capacity in the country to 1.2 million vehicles a year.

In a statement released today, Ford said it will build the plant in collaboration with Changan Ford Mazda Automobile. The company is a three-way joint venture with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. and Mazda Motor Corp. The plant will have initial capacity for 250,000 units.

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All New 2013 Ford Escape at Our Dealership!

April 18, 2012

The newly redesigned 2013 Escape will be arriving in our showroom soon.  We got a sneak peak at the 2012 Vancouver International Auto Show recently, and we had this one at our dealership today for a close-up inspection.  I won’t bore you with all the facts and data about the new Escape, but I can tell you that the new 2.0L EcoBoost engine will produce virtually the same power that the previous 3.0L V6 did, but it will get far superior fuel economy.

As soon as someone sees a picture of the new Escape, they typically say “It’s a lot smaller”.  The new styling does tend to give it the appearance of being smaller than the previous version, but the fact is that it is actually BIGGER!

We are very excited about this new version of the Escape.  We anticipate that the demand for this Escape will be quite high, so contact us today about factory ordering your new Escape to ensure you get it as soon as possible.

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Use Facebook to take a virtual trip with your friends in a Ford Focus Electric

April 12, 2012

(from Omar Rana,

Not a stranger to using social media to promote its vehicles, Ford is now using Facebook to promote the all-new and zero-emissions Focus Electric. The company has launched a new game called ‘Plug N Play Electric City with the 2012 Focus Electric’ where Facebook users can take their friends and themselves on a little ride around town.

Is there a point to the game? Of course there is. The game player can bring along four of his/her friends on the ride and gives them the ability to take short trips around their area using Mapquest mapping data to calculate how far different destinations are in proximity to charging stations along the way.

“This is a great way for consumers to both have fun and learn about the new Focus Electric at the same time,” said Chad D’Arcy, Focus Electric marketing manager. “We want to offer people the opportunity to experience the car now, especially those on Facebook who have supported us for so long.”

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Best Buy to Offer Ford Focus EV Charging Stations

April 11, 2012


TORONTO, ON – Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited is working with consumer electronics retailer Best Buy Canada to offer Ford Focus Electric owners a convenient and dependable solution for home charging station installation.

Ford and Best Buy will offer a 240-volt home charging station for the company’s all-new Ford Focus Electric battery electric vehicle and future plug-in electric vehicles in Canada. Best Buy intends to supply the charging station and offer complete consultation and installation services through Geek Squad and third-party licensed electrical contractors.

“With fast charge times, low pricing and a user-friendly design, the 240-volt home charge station sets a new standard in the electric vehicle ownership experience,” said Steve Ross, product marketing manager of sustainability and electrification, Ford Canada. “By working with Best Buy and Geek Squad to offer the charging station installation service solution, Ford is providing electric vehicle customers in Canada with a familiar, trusted source to turn to for their installation needs.”

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2015 Ford Mustang Confirmed for Global Sale

April 11, 2012

(from Luke Vandezande,

One of the few cars across the world that guys want to drive and girls want to ride in, the Ford Mustang, will finally get its just distribution as the automaker moves to sell it globally.

When the ball drops in Times Square and calendars turn over to 2015 there will be a shot (or exhaust note as it were) heard round the world. Ford’s move comes in commemoration of the iconic pony car’s 50th anniversary. Yes, we’re having a hard time believing it’s been that long too.

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